Captains log, March 28, 2014

So far, I have been working on making my final project’s search feature, and it has been a very solid pain so far. Next to no good documentation, and few and far between results from google for my woes. Right now it returns a JSONP object if you will look under the network response in the web inspector, I attempted to extract the relevent data from it to give information on the game, but for some reason it refuses to do so. The search functionality is slightly broken, in an annoying way. I’m not sure how to pass the input string from the search bar to the ajax function call i use to form the api, so by default, on tapping the search button it searches for ‘mass effect’

I’m hopeful that once I get the search working, the rest of it will come easily enough, since the search is the hardest part of this project.

Captains Log, March 14th 2014

Started a website the right way this time, by making it look pretty at first, and keeping it pretty as I build it, the reservations system had bad style.

I spent my time deciding on what kinds of information I would like to have hosted on my site, and building the links to it that I felt would make a good site.

As of right now, the site has no content other than functional webpages and a footnote that is very high up on the pages, with a redirect to the source of the API I will be using.

TODO: Figure out how to use the API, and see if I can eliminate any of my current plans for pages and add new pages that make use of what can actually be done.

Final Project Proposal

I want to design a webpage using API from to create a search engine for video games, with pages showing lists of recent games, most popular games, and games coming out soon.

Users are people who want to check in and see what’s coming out soon, or what has come out recently that people like.

Users will come to browse the most recent material and to search for specific games.

Design spec:

search functionality, display images, redirect to a page with data extracted from the API about the games

Linking to

Captains log, February 25 2014

Fixed validation that had somehow managed to get broken while I was working on the database section.

Right now my site is still missing collision detection for the database, and I still need to change the coloration of the hyperlinks, but that is it I believe.

My site is pretty fun for anyone who has seen the movie How to Train Your Dragon (if you haven’t seen it, its really good!) It fills out all of the criteria quite well, and I cite the sources I used was well in the credits page.

Captains log, February 21, 2014

I was able to get my database operational, mainly in thanks to W3schools. The reservation page sends an email outlining what you put in to the fields. The database also is written to the php page you go to after clicking Contact Us! with the most recent entry added to the database

There isn’t any kind of collision detection at the moment, so the database cannot tell if a given rider is actually available when you, I’d like to get some help on this for next week.

The idea of the reservation system is this:

Look through the dragons and riders and select one of each, type in their names to the fields with the rest of your information. I have three tables in my database, one for the names of riders and one for dragon names to search to see if the name the user wrote in actually exists, and a third to host the current reservation list. That is my current plan.

Files modified: reservation.html, reservationreturn.php and the dbconn.php file.

dbconn has password deleted before it is uploaded to github

Captains Log, February 14, 2014

Was not able to attend a TA’s hours this week, I was out of commission on Wednesday, so I didn’t get the chance to attend office hours for the bug I had last week, so I got help from Prof. Fell after class on Friday, and we didn’t find any obvious problems, so I nuked the public version and uploaded again, and my problem was fixed.

I used to build a simple email, it works fairly effectively with only a line of php.

Captains log, February 7, 2014

Began homework after class on Friday after a busy but successful week

To start, I used to understand how to .send data from a text box to another page. I also used  to understand how to secure the reservation, and incorporated and expanded on it to work for my own criteria. All was going well until about 7:30, at which point I had both the redirect to the php page working and the input security/errors working. I attempted to split up my contact.html page (which had two irrelevant fields to contact and would have fit better in the reservation page) into my reservation page on reservation.html. To do this I originally separated the relevant tables to their best page, but having them both point to a single js file seemed to cause problems, so I created a copy and modified both it and the original to reflect the input types.

All seemed good until I clicked on the contact us button. Now on both pages the console complains about something within jquery. I’ve tried regressing my code to as early as possible before a file was closed and reopened, I’ve tried to change versions of jquery, and I’ve tried examining in excruciating detail all of the code I have written for this, but I cannot find what on earth is the cause.

To rectify this, I plan on visiting the TA’s next week, and for the future I will update my github repository when I have a working version of code before I try and play with it.

Signing off, Adam.

Captains Log, January 28th, 2014

Started the assignment after class, the past week having been the busiest of my life (expecting 3 more like this from this semester).

Tried to implement the slideshow functionality on the starship booking, but it was failing and I had to find a simpler resource. One Google later, I found a very useful article explaining how to implement it with a fully functional example of the javascript necessary to utilize it. I scavenged this for my page, and toyed around with it. It took me a while to figure out that I needed to have multiple copies of the same file in order to have multiple slideshows playing at the same time. The rest of the page is a little bare, but it has been a rough week, and I now have the capability to implement slideshows whenever the need arises at least.

Dragon air Design


The lank of Berk faces a terrible winter, the likes of which has never been seen. We haven’t been able to secure enough food on our own to ensure our survival, so we must rely on our greatest commodity in the shadow of the storm, our dragons. They are our friends and companions, and by creating Dragon Air, we can raise enough to fill our halls and our bellies for the coming winter. We provide the fastest transit, the most security, and the trip of a lifetime for anyone brave enough to take to the skies on the back of a dragon.


Back End

Our team of Dragon Trainers are the finest (and only) on Midguard. The have trained the dragons to fly fast and easy. Only the most intelligent dragons are selected for this task, and only the brightest riders will accompany you on your journey to your destination.

Front end

Front end users can reserve any of our dragons available for a ride, and choose any of our riders to accompany them on their journey.

We take in transportation and security requests from merchants, families, and even villages. We have a dragon for all occasions.

This endeavor will start off with 6 dragons, 5 riders, and 3 destinations.

Use Cases

Security – Sailing near the dreaded Outcast Isles? Book a security detail to and from the Island, to ensure the safety of you and your goods.

Transit – Have family up north? Take a dragon to shave off a few weeks of sailing on the high seas, and impress your family by showing up on a flying fire-breathing reptile.

Functional Requirements

Riders need a valid email address, and must be able to read and write. The dragon does all navigation, so you won’t need a map

Non functional requirements

Dragons cannot fly overburdened, the dragons will have a weight limit listed on their page, you must keep track of what you are carrying, and request a dragon that satisfies your needs.

Design Specs

Content needs – We will need to know the number of people travelling, the expected weight of your group, and if you have been cursed by any of the gods (for liability reasons).

Media needs – If you look to your left or right in flight, you will usually see a beautiful sun rising above or sinking below the clouds, or a fantastic night sky (our dragons fly above the clouds).

External links – Contact your local weather witch for forecasts.

Captains log, January 10, 2014

Web Development -

Wednesday, 11PM EST - Tried to setup XAMPP, failed miserably, called it quits at 2AM

Friday, 12AM - Got a virus from trying to install a familiar text editor, initiated system restore, got a real text editor, built my page, setup my tumblr, loaded everything to Ipage site, failed to see results. Retired around  2AM.

Friday 1:30PM, checked page again, it was magically working.